The scythe association

Our aims

The aims of the Scythe Association of Britain and Ireland (SABI) are...
Go to Promote scythe use

Promote scythe use

To individuals, government, local authorities, community groups and national organizations

Go to Enhance communication

Enhance communication

Amongst mowers, and between mowers and landowners and other sectors

Go to Skills and equipment

Skills and equipment

Improve mowing skills through training and the broadcast of information and maintain standards of manufacture and supply of scythes and ancilliary equipment

Go to History


To promote the study of the history of the scythe and allied technologies

About scything

Real work done well.

These islands are blessed with one of the best grass growing climates in the world, so grassland management has always been a necessary activity - whether for feeding livestock through the winter by haymaking, or for keeping on top of lawns and wayside weeds. Scythes are once again being used in public parks and gardens, wildlife reserves, stately homes, allotments and meadows throughout these islands. The scything revival is flourishing, not least because of its benefits to health - fresh air and exercise, the quiet enjoyment of nature, and the sense of satisfaction that comes from real work done well.

    sustainable grassland

    habitat management

    green workout

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