Maig – The Sub-Aqua Scythe

Maigs are a traditional long reach scythe – used in the Norfolk broads for clearing emergent vegetation in drainage ditches from the bankside. They are also useful for clearing excess growth from the margins of ponds and other water features. I first came a across a Maig on a tool collector’s stall at the Strumpshaw Read more about Maig – The Sub-Aqua Scythe[…]

The English Scythe Revisited

In recent years hundreds of us have enthusiastically welcomed the Austrian scythe on to our small holdings, gardens and nature reserves.  We have discovered how this scythe really is a most efficient and practical tool, and is a joy to use.  This scythe revival in Britain has re-equipped people to be able to tackle those Read more about The English Scythe Revisited[…]

Tribute to legendary Scythesman Eric Edwards

Legendary Scythesman, Reed cutter, marshman and “true Norfolk man” Eric Edwards died this week aged 71. Eric was a champion of the traditional skills of reed and sedge cutting on the Norfolk Broads for which he was awarded an MBE. Although officially retired he was still “swinging his scythe” at the reserve just two weeks Read more about Tribute to legendary Scythesman Eric Edwards[…]

English scythe making traditions at Issac Nash Ltd

Many of you who have an interest in country crafts will know of the many regional county patterns of billhooks that developed over centuries of use.  A similar diversity of scythe patterns were also once available. Issac Nash manufactured scythes in a number of regional patterns from little 18inch (46cm) Briar to a great 56 Read more about English scythe making traditions at Issac Nash Ltd[…]