22nd February 2011


This page is compiled by Chris Riley. To submit information about an event please email: chris@pratensis.net

For events and courses occurring overseas please click on this link: International Events


International Peening Day 2023

Sun 2 April 2023 (First Sunday in April)

International Peening Day is an ‘everywhere-event’ – it’s aims are to remind people to prepare their scythes in advance of the mowing season and provide support by encouraging them to get together to peen together. You can share experiences online via the SABI Facebook or email groups.

Green Scythe Fair ‘GSF23’

Sun 11 June 2023 (Second Sunday in June) 11.00 am – 11.00 pm

Incorporating the 17th West Country Scythe Festival

Thorney Lakes, Somerset TA10 0DW

The premier scything event in the UK. Scythe championship, scythe and haymaking events, crafts, stalls, music, speakers, kids area, local food and drink. ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY.

For more information about all aspects of GSF23 go to this web site:

Scottish Scything Festival

Weekend of Sat 24 June 2023

Blackhaugh Community Farm, Perthshire

The event will follow roughly the same format as before with camping options available, talks, scythe sales, practice areas and of course the competition. It is hoped that we can encourage some musicians to come along to provide entertainment on the Saturday evening and we are looking into the possibility of running an improvers workshop on the Friday.

Contact Rob Brodie at robmaculture@yahoo.co.uk

Northern Scythe Festival and Meadows Day

Sat-Sun 1-2 July 2023 (provisional date)

Venue and details to be confirmed.

Shropshire Scythe Festival

Sat 15 July 2023 (provisional date)

Venue and details to be confirmed. Contact Simon Cooter at simon.cooter@naturalengland .org