4th March 2018

International Links

This page will be populated with links to scythe events, people and organisations SABI members have developed links with in Europe and further afield.


8-th Scything Tournament – Russia

Date: 13th July 2019.

Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg

Alexandr says:

“Dear friends!
Summer is coming again. Time to mow.
Let me invite you to our 8-th Scything Tournament in Russia.
Scythe Association (Britain & Ireland) is a longtime admirer and promoter of mowing, so you should be interested to take part in our competitions. It will take place on July 13th. In the homeland of the Russian scythe in Arti.
As you all know, the tournament is organized by Arti factory – one of the largest producers of scythes. This year we celebrate 210 years from the date of the start of production of scythes. On the eve of 2016, we produced our 300 million blade. [Arti factory]
Our tournament will be held for the eighth time and attracts many mowers from around the world, and the assessment of those who have already participated, speaks of the highest level.
We organize all your stay with us, will compete in mowing, will show you the beauty of our Ural Mountains, will show a unique production of scythes, exchange experience about everything that concerns the scythes. Welcome to an exciting adventure!

I hope for a response.
Yours faithfully

The referee of the tournament
Alexander Shatokhin”

Alexandr Shatokhin