4th March 2018

International Links

This page will be populated with links to scythe events, people and organisations SABI members have developed links with in Europe and further afield.

International hay making camp in Transylvania

Date: 29 July – 05 August 2018.

Location: Gyimesbükk, Áldomáspataka (Ghimeş-Făget, Aldămaş on the map). Transylvania, Romania

Organizers: Sárig Attila and his family with very good friends from UK: Nigel Spring, Alex Hill, Nigel Adams

The Csángó people living in the Gyimes Valley possess a knowledge that represents an exceptional value for the whole of Europe. The ancient Csángós settled in a wild, remote valley in the Eastern Carpathians and in order to survive they had to develop a special life and land use style that was in harmony with nature.

Hay making is the most important activity in the Gyimes Valley because people here are mainly occupied with animal husbandry. Through decades of work they created some of the most biodiverse mountain hay meadows in the world.

The hay making camp in 2018 would like to introduce participants into this type of landscape-creating, nature-respecting lifestyle.

Nearly all the food served at the camp is organic because the ingredients are grown and produced by the Sárig family on their own farm by Csángó traditions. The family uses mainly human and animal power to produce food which means that machine usage is kept to a minimum. We hope that these are good reasons for our guests to spend a whole week in “Csánglia” with pleasure.

Participants at the hay making camp can contribute to the survival of this beautiful landscape that became so magical mainly because of traditional hay making. During the seven days of the event participants are also invited to get a personal insight into the world and lifestyle of the Csángós.

Everybody is warmly welcome!


VII-й международный Турнир косарей

7-th Scything Tournament – Russia

Date: 14 July 2018.

Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg

The tournament is organized by Arti factory – one of the largest manufacturers of scythes.

Host Alexandr Shatokhin