5th March 2018

Other Events

International Peening Day

Easter Day 1st April 2018.

International Peening Day is an ‘everywhere-event’ – it’s aims are to remind people to prepare their scythes in advance of the mowing season and provide support by encouraging them to get together to peen together.

Connect with other scythers via email or facebook to find or create an opportunity to gather and peen where you are.


Saturday 9th June 2018

At the Green Scythe Fair, Thorney Lakes, Somerset

This is the time when most SABI members are gathered, so we have our AGM to conduct formal business of electing officers etc. There will also be a brief open discussion of pertinent issues. Time of meeting 7.00pm (tbc).

SABI Scything demonstration

Saturday 21st July 2018

Oxburgh Hall (National Trust), Norfolk

Richard Brown, ably supported by other experienced SABI members, will be giving talks and demonstrations on scything and meadow management from 11am – 3pm in the walled garden at Oxburgh Hall. He will be available to give advice, so come along if you need help with either wild flower management or scythes (and bring your scythe along  if you have one!).

Advice and talks free but normal National Trust entry fees apply.