5th April 2019

Nochex info

Nochex is a UK based online payment facility. The Nochex payments module enables swift payments using credit and debit cards. Their web site is www.nochex.com

Customers don’t need a Nochex account to make payments, but if they do have one, they can pay using their Nochex account.

Nochex uses anti-fraud protection like 3D Secure – the leading “Internet Authentication Protocol” designed by Visa and MasterCard, to ensure your customers can make payments in confidence.

The email address of the SABI Treasurer shows in ‘payment to chris (at) pratensis (dot) net’ but rest assured that payment goes into the Scythe Association’s bank account. Payer’s card statements will show ‘NOCHEX.*SCYTHE ASSOCIATION’ against the payment.

Emails are sent directly from Nochex giving payment confirmation both to the customer and the seller.

If you have any more enquiries, please contact the Treasurer, Chris Riley.