Who will win?

Ded the mower
Dan the petrol head
Jim the scissor man

Quarter acre Eighth acre
Auther Richards 2.04 4 Best novice
Clare White 3.00 4.5 Mentioned in despates
Gemma Suggitt 1.31 7.5 Ladies winner & overall winner
Richard Brown 1.57 7.5 Joint male winner
John Reid 4.20 6 Veteran winner
Jim McVittee 1.58 8 Best quality & joint male winner
Paul Martin 3.09 4.5 Mentioned in despates
Gill & Beth 1.46 5.5 Team winners
Mathew 3.07 4.5 Mentioned in despates
Mark Allery (E) 3.03 5.5 English scythe winner
Kevin Austin 1.40 7.5 Mentioned in despates
Chris Reilly 3.28 7 Mentioned in despates
Simon Damant 1.38 7.5 Overall winner
Andi Ricard 3.00 5 Ladies winner
BCS mower 0.32 6.5
Albert Dunn 0.1.43 9.5 See video
5 x 5 10 x 10
Arther Richards 12.11 4 Best Novice
Kevin Austin 10.23 5.5 Mentioned in despates
Simon Farlie 14.11 6.5 Mentioned in despates
Gemma Suggitt 17.28 7 Mentioned in despates
Chris Piece (E) 29.41 4 Best Veteran
Andi Rickard 12.16 5.5 Ladies winner
Simon Damant 9.36 8 Overall winner
Mark Allery (E) 14.13 5 English scythe winner
Chris Riely 13.27 5.5 Mentioned in despates
Mark Allery (E) 2.01 4 English scythe cup
Beth Tilston 5.32 6 Ladies third
John Fla (N) 3.01 5.5
Chris Riely 3.18 8 Mens quality cup
Clare White 6.06 4.5
Chris Earl 5.47 4
Richard piece (V)(E) 4.53 4
Andi Richard 2.28 5 Ladies cup
Chris Lamb (E) Blade broke
Arther Richards (N) 4.16 4
Matthew 5.05 4.5
Jo Green 8.15 4.5
Albert Dunn 3.30 4 Wimpole cup
John Reid (V) 4.40 5 Veteran cup
Simon Farlie 2.03 6
Mick Valscea 4.01 4.5
Damon Green (N) 2.33 5 Best novice
Kevin Austin 1.15 4.5 Mens second
Ded 1.16 6.5 Champion cup
Richard Brown 1.49 7.5 Mens third
Jimmy Alham (V) 10.41 5
Jim Mc Vittee 5.05 5.5
Olga Damant (V) 13.00 8 Ladies quality winner
Dan (N) 5.50 4.5
Gemma Suggitt 3.12 6.5 Ladies second
Richard Brown (E)

Any glaring mistakes let me know ‘simon.damant@gmail.com’


About Sadeik

You may ask why "Sadeik" well it means friend in arabic. Worked in Jordan a lot doing tree surgery you see. I have worked in forestry since I left school with a two years in Telecom. Went back to forestry and tree surgery as it may not have paid as much but was far more interesting and dangerous. Spent a lot of years mountaineering, caving and canoeing too. At 29 I went to Bangor University to study Forestry and soil science then did an MSc in Water engineering all very interesting. By a quirk of fate in 1995 ended up helping sort out the woodland and park at Wimpole, funny thing was then I only intended to stay six months or so, but 18 years later I'm still here learning all the time. That's the best bit, if I wasn't able to learn something new every year I would not have stayed and as you get older you realise that the grass is not so green in the next field after all. In fact my patch is getting greener while much of the rest is getting browner.
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