Monty Don “Scythes cut grass very well”

In his new book ‘Down to Earth’ Monty Don has commented: “You don’t have to use a machine – scythes cut grass very well.”  This observation has sparked a surprisingly reactionary response from fellow gardening correspondents and garden machinery representatives. Monty’s assertion that scythes cut grass very well is factually true; it is indeed quite Read more about Monty Don “Scythes cut grass very well”[…]

European Scythe Championships , Switzerland 2017

The European Scything Championships held near Shwytz/Brunnen in Switzerland was a first for any British competitors as Kevin Austin and Nigel Adams found themselves rather surprisingly entered. Here is their story. With Richard Brown and Simon Damant heading for Estonia this summer the other half of the Romania 2015 crew decided they had better find an Read more about European Scythe Championships , Switzerland 2017[…]