About Us

The Scythe Association (of Britain & Ireland)

The Scythe Association (of Britain and Ireland) was formed in 2011, only 2000 years after the arrival of the scythe on the shores of the British Isles…

The aims of The Scythe Association are:

  • To promote the use of the scythe throughout Britain
  • To improve mowing skills through training and the broadcast of information
  • To promote the advantages of the scythe to government, local authorities and national organizations
  • To enhance communication amongst mowers and between mowers and landowners and other sectors
  • To promote the study of the history of the scythe and allied technologies
  • To maintain standards of manufacture and supply of scythes and ancilliary equipment

We will do this by:

  • Publishing a newsletter
  • Setting up a website to share information
  • Identifying projects for the coming year

Download the SABI leaflet here. SABI leaflet 

How to use the google group – advice document

Minutes of SABI Meetings