Contact Us

If you’d like to contact The Scythe Association, please email:

bethtilston [at] googlemail [dot] com

Or contact one of our regional co-ordinators:

Here is the current list of the local organisers for SABI enquiries. You donʼt need to be a member to get in touch, whether to request help with an outsize mowing job, volunteer assistance, share skills, ideas and problems, or just invite everyone round for a picnic.

Connect with your local mowersʼ network and help to encourage a flourishing society of scythers in these green and grassy isles.


North-West: Steve Tomlin –

North-East:  Jonathan Dent – OR John Grundy –


Northern East Anglia: Richard Brown –

Southern East Anglia: Jim McVittie –


London: Ida Fabrizio –

Greater London, Herts & Berks: Clive Leeke –

Kent & East Sussex: Beth Tilston –

Hampshire & West Sussex: Mark Allery –

Surrey: John Bannister –


Bristol, Glos, Wilts, Dorset & East Somerset: Chris Riley –

Devon, West Somerset, West Dorset: Simon Fairlie –

Cornwall: Kevin Austin –


Peak District & westwards: Jez Hastings –

Beds., Bucks., Oxon. & Northants: Nicole Clough –


Mid-Wales & Borders: Andrea Gilpin –

Wales: Phil Batten –


Scotland: Fiona Guest –


Ireland: Chris Hayes –

One Response to Contact Us

  1. Richard Craig says:

    I was wondering if your organisation could help ?

    We own a large meadow ( about 3/4 acres ) which is situated in a piece of woodland about four miles north east of Petworth, West Sussex. We are working with the West Sussex Wildlife Trust trying to restore it to its original condition and they have asked that we cut the hay back in Sept.

    As this meadow is in the middle of the woodland with somewhat limited access I was wondering if your Organisation would be interested in helping out ?

    It could be a fun day out with Barbecue etc.

    If there is anyone interested in contacting me my telephone number is : 07720289737.



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