Opportunities to prepare for the coming mowing season and have your scythe questions answered!

Opportunities for scythe-folk around the country to meet up face to face are still somewhat limited by the pandemic. But please don’t despair, things are looking better for the summer!

In anticipation of this we have organised two spring events that can still run and connect people remotely via the wonders of internet technology.

International Peening Day – Sunday 4th April (Easter Day)

This is an ‘everywhere-event’ — it aims to remind us all to prepare our scythes in advance of the mowing season and support each other by encouraging this shared activity.

As in 2020, IPD this year will still mainly involve solo peening activities in individual gardens, meadows and workshops: just you with your scythe and perhaps your cat!
This is still all good – it creates opportunities to participate, and you can share experiences online via the SABI Facebook or email groups. Through these forums you can share photos and comments, you can also pose any questions you may have. As we will all be on the same peening waveband, we can share our knowledge and experience of the dark art – the quest for perfect sharpness!

Boris permitting, after the 29th March up to six people will be allowed to meet (socially distanced) at an outside location in the UK also the “stay at home” rule will be relaxed. Some meetups will be possible, at least here in the UK.

Scythers’ Question Time ‘SQT’- Thursday 15th April 6.30pm

If after IPD you still have unanswered questions of scythes or mowing generally why not join us to hear an experienced panel of SABI experts answer questions on all matters scythe-related:

Do you have a question you would like answered?

If so, please send it to sabimatters@gmail.com by midnight on Wednesday 7th April.

Questions will be preselected to ensure a wide range of subjects can be covered.

  • what, how and when to mow
  • scythe set up and technique
  • maintenance and repair: sharpening, honing and peening
  • meadow management, lawn mowing and topping weeds
  • haymaking and other uses of cut grass
  • any question the scythe community can come up with!

This event is open to all.
To join register at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sqt-scythers-question-time-tickets-147678509397
We will send you the Zoom link 2 hours before to join Scythers’ Question Time. Please dial in from 6:15pm for a prompt 6:30 start.

Start Sharp and Stay Sharp!
.. and keep safe

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