The Scottish Scything Festival 2021

ON July 24th we had a blistering hot day at Blackhaugh farm for this years festival, over 200 people came along! By 9.30 most of the competition squares had been prepared, the signs were all in place, structures up and the chairs and straw bales were ready for play and use. Food vans were up Read more about The Scottish Scything Festival 2021[…]

Shropshire Hills Hay Meadow Festival Report

This Hay Meadow festival was held on Saturday 24 July 2021 behind the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre (run by the Charity GROW COOK LEARN) where there are 30 acres of meadows beside the Onny river. The meadow selected for the festival and scything competition was uneven, lumpy ground with dense, wiry vegetation including dock, lady’s Read more about Shropshire Hills Hay Meadow Festival Report[…]

Northern Scythe Competition 2021

A report by Jim McVittie. The Site Peter Blackwell farms at Bell Sykes farm near Slaidburn in the Forest of Bowland AONB and thanks to the efforts of himself, his father and his grandfather has some of the best wild-flower meadows in Lancashire. Peter had allocated the whole of a four acre field which gently Read more about Northern Scythe Competition 2021[…]

Scottish Scything Festival Results 2019

The last weekend of July 2019 saw the first ever Scottish Scything Festival take place at Blackhaugh Community Farm in Perthshire. 120 people, including 20 or so children gathered for a day of talks, demonstrations, taster sessions, scythe sales and of course a scything competition. The afternoon’s competition had 29 entrants and in spite of Read more about Scottish Scything Festival Results 2019[…]

Green Scythe Fair Championship results 2019

  Mowers faced typical Somerset level grass at the Green scythe fair this year: lush and heavy! The grass cut easily enough, as shown by the decent times recorded by mowers in the 5 x 5 metre plots. The main challenge competitors faced was partially laid grass pushed in a variety of directions by the Read more about Green Scythe Fair Championship results 2019[…]

12th West Country Scythe Festival Competition Results 2016

5 x 5 metre Results As in last year year’s final only seconds separated the three fastest mowers. Kevin Austin emerged as the new undisputed  champion with both the fastest time and best quality of the three.  Mark Allery proved the English scythe by coming third; very close to former champion Simon Damant’s second place. Ladies Champion Andi Rickard was only just behind Read more about 12th West Country Scythe Festival Competition Results 2016[…]

11th West Country Scythe Festival Competition Results 2015

5 x 5 metre Results This years final was particularly exciting as only 3 seconds separated the three fastest mowers and all were equal favourites to win based on past years’ performances. It all came down to quality (on which they were not so close!) and on the decisions of the judges. Overall Champion Time Quality Read more about 11th West Country Scythe Festival Competition Results 2015[…]

West Country Scythe Championship time!

      A reminder from last year of the competition ahead… (Photos  and montage by Dave Oxford ) Overall Joint Champions: Simon Damant and George Montague             Third place Overall (with English Scythe!) : Mark Allery …Also English Scythe Champion         Ladies Champion for fifth year running was Andi Read more about West Country Scythe Championship time![…]

10th West Country Scythe Championship Results

Below are the full set of results in plot order from this years championship. I will update this post with photos and placings in due course. Well done all! Name Time Quality Olga Damant 09:11 9 Amy Willoughby 04:33 2 Andi Rickard 03:01 7 Jo Green 04:36 5 Paul MacKendrick 05:00 1 Damon Green 03:07 6.5 Beth Read more about 10th West Country Scythe Championship Results[…]