Watch out here come the Eastern counties


A mornings work

A little bit of training, want to beat the one minute barrier for Somerset. Meanwhile Olga and Jim  have been training in a little meadow at Cobbs Wood farm, a lovely meadow full of buttercups, red clover, speedwell, plantain and zillions of grass.


Olga Damant training at Cobbs Wood farm


Jim in training

With this rather nice weather (is it all there’s going to be this year) its time to make a little hay, best leave it in the swath until we get back from Somerset. The weather is said to be fine until Monday at least. Hope they’re right. You can leave the mown grass in a swath if rain threatens, it wont spoil so easily but if you have turned it and are half way through drying it, disaster!

On another subject, anyone got a leg 140cm long? George!

I think I have also found out why they called the big blades hartstel BUT I’m not telling til after the competition.

Ah yes that ist bit, well I cheated we used the MF390 and a drum mower. Boring sitting in a tractor for a whole day.

Folly field

Folly field

Check out Wimpoles blog to find out information on  mowing

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